Gracie (right) and her friend the day she was saved by her new Aunt, Krista Karnis and later adopted by Vici Nadvit.

About Saving Grace PFB, Inc.


Hi, my name is Gracie and I would like to tell you a little bit of my story.

I was left on the streets of Miami all alone. I had to fend for myself for months. I ate bugs, lizards, an anything else I could find to fill my belly. I made a friend in the very same situation & we were inseparable!

One day, a nice lady came and put us in her car and brought us to a shelter. The shelter gave me food and a doctor gave me medicine. I felt much better, but still had no family.

Weeks later, that lady came back to the shelter to tell me I was going to have a new mom! I am not alone anymore and my belly is always full! I guess you could say I was the inspiration to my new mom to create Saving Grace Pet Food Bank. Please help my mom and her friends make life a little better for others like me!

Meet the Saving Grace Team

IMG_8065Vici Nadvit, Founder & Executive Director

Originally from Strongsville, Ohio, Vici moved to Naples in 1983. She has always had a soft spot in her heart for animals. As a child, her ambition was to be a veterinarian.

Along with Gracie, her dog, two affectionate cats call her house their home. Not long ago, she realized there was a need to create an organization that assisted people who owned pets but had fallen into a financial hardship and needed a bit of extra help.

Through rescuing Gracie and learning her incredible survival story, Vici realized that no one should have to choose between feeding themselves a meal and feeding their pet. This is when the idea for Saving Grace Pet Food Bank was born. Vici went to work collaborating with her team and bringing Saving Grace Pet Food Bank to life!

Kathy Moran, President

Kathy, originally from Massachusetts, began her real estate career in southern New Hampshire. Her eight years in the business refined her skills in dealing with individuals of all ages. She then moved to Naples, Florida in 2008, and has enjoyed the Naples lifestyle for over 20 years.

Her humanitarian nature and skill of working with and for people blossomed when Kathy worked with children as a shelter coordinator at Youth Haven, a facility for abused and neglected

Currently, with her son serving in the Navy and daughter attending UCF, she has returned to one of her passions of selling and buying Real Estate. Full of enthusiasm and energy to deliver services and results for her customers, she now shares that energy, enthusiasm and empathy for in-need animals with Saving Grace Pet food Bank.

unnamed[1]Sam DeAngelis, Vice President

Sam is originally from Lorain Ohio, a graduate of Bowling Green State University and has lived in the Naples area since 1983. He has four wonderful, successful step children and 7 fantastic grandchildren.

He is recently retired and thrilled to be involved with Saving Grace Petfood Bank. When the idea of Saving Grace Petfood Bank was presented to him through Vici Nadvit, it sounded like a wonderful fresh idea to help people who need assistance feeding their pets.

Sam has owned and been around pets most of his adult life and knows how much joy and comfort they can bring to people and become part of their family and is looking forward to aiding people to keep their pets.

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